Monday, May 19, 2008

Rituals and Core Power

“Keep your body as clean as possible and your mind as clear as possible”
Swami Satchidananda

My oldest granddaughter Brittany has just returned home from completing her freshman year of college. She called me the day before returning home to remind me to call her each morning so we could practice yoga together.

So today we practiced yoga to one of her favorite Baron Baptiste DVDs. She likes it because it has a great core strengthening portion.

After yoga practice we made breakfast together. She started cracking eggs while I scurried to the garden to pick some fresh asparagus for our scallion and asparagus omelets. And no visit with any of my grandkids is complete without a pot of tea.

Our tea drinking ritual goes back to when my grandkids were barely able to hold a tea cup. Those days they just liked pouring the tea from their little teapots and the milk from their mini cream pitchers, and sometimes making a mess. I have a whole collection of tea pots, creamers and tea cups and saucers of varied sizes. They all have their favorites.

Today as we shared our pot of tea the conversation was mostly about keeping our bodies and minds fit through yoga, fitness and good nutrition. We talked about how yoga is more than just a physical exercise and how through the focus and consciousness that yoga teaches us, it strengthens so many other areas of your life.

What a gift to have awesome grandchildren that are also my very best friends. I always remember to thank God each day for having been so blessed.

Gypsy Girl


alfia said...

Wow, this is quite amazing when grandchildren practice yoga next to their grandmothers! Awesome! I, on the other hand, can't make neither my son nor my husband join me for yoga...

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Alfia, there is hope. I had tried for years to get my husband to practice with me, and finally this year he has started. Thanks to Yogamum and WoYoPracMo. He committed to the month of January and has continued to practice(although now he only practices occasionally) So, don't give up!!

Babs said...

It's all about ritual and the kids SO appreciate that, don't they? WE are so blessed to have these young humans in our lives......