Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Mad Hatter

My whole family loves to ski. So when the first snowflake fell everyone started to think about it. One night when the whole gang was together one of the grandkids requested that I make a ski hat with ear flaps for him...which was immediately followed by a chorus of "I want one"..."Me,too"..."Don't forget about me, Gram."... and on and on. So I was on a mission to make ski hats to suit them all.

I couldn't find a crochet pattern for a ski hat with ear flaps, but I was able to create one by improvising with a few patterns I found and a little creativity of my own.

A while ago, Lori over at Happiness Shared had recommended a website called Head Huggers. Take a look at Lori's lovely blog and also if you knit or crochet Head Huggers is a worthy organization to look at. They make hats for cancer patients that have lost their hair from chemotherapy.

I used the cap portion of one of those hats and then made my own earflaps and braids to finish it off. It's a great way to use up all the left over small balls of yarn from other projects that just aren't quite big enough to make something else with. Just create some nice multi-color stripe patterned ski hats.

I have been crocheting an endless stream of ski hats for everyone in the family. Some I have already given to them and others will be Christmas presents.

Here are just a few of the hats I've made this week

So, thank you Lori for posting about Head Huggers in you blog, along with the photos of the beautiful hats that you made. Because of it there will be much "happiness shared" with all the kids (big and small) in my family this ski season; when they all are enjoying their new ski hats.

Gypsy Girl


gartenfische said...

You are so, so talented. Those hats are just beautiful!

Yogamum said...

I love those hats!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, your hats are beautiful! Thank you for your kind words, and I'm so glad to hear your family will have something wonderful to keep them nice and warm this Winter. :o) Made my day! <3

Enjoy the ski season!

Gypsy Girl said...

Thank you all for looking!! I'm still cranking them out!!

Gypsy Girl said...
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maruschka said...

Beautiful hats! We have a new fun site where we are collecting photos of hats with earflaps and I would love it if you would let us include yours. It's Sylacauga Phlaphappies

Thanks :-)