Thursday, May 22, 2008

Praise for CRON Bloggers

In a recent post I had a little rant about disciplining myself to keep on track with my CRON(calorie restriction optimal nutrition) way of eating.

There is a whole network of CRON people out there blogging and ready to help with whatever is needed.

I found CRON through one of the yoga blogs that I read. Arturo, a fellow yogi, practices a CRON diet. So from reading Arturo’s blog about yoga I also found lots of nutritional and CRON information. He has given me lots of great recommendations from books to read about CRON to everyday CRON practicing tips. ( not to mention all the good yoga info). Arturo lives on the opposite coast and he was just in Boston for a conference. But unfortunately, we were unable to meet.

I read several CRON blogs that are packed with good information about nutrition and health.

I love Minicronnie , who lives on “the other side of the pond”. Her blog has info about getting the “most bang for your buck” (in this case nutritional value). Because she is such a wee thing, only 4’10.5” tall, she has to tweak those calories more than the average person to get all her nutrients. She does endless research about the foods that provide the most nutrition for the least calories.

Then there is The Scientific Psychic. Tony is a marvel. His blog is interesting on many levels, not just CRON.

Nennette is so supportive and helpful with CRON. Her blog reflects a lively, energetic and loving person.

Mary is somewhat of a CRON “pro” and has participated in calorie restriction studies.

The list is endless. The good thing is, they all live CR and through blogging they share their knowledge, support, tips and advice.

I have always practiced good nutritional habits. But reading these blogs and using the tracking software CRON-O-Meter
, has helped keep my focus and provided a wealth of information about staying healthy and living longer.

“Your Health is Your Wealth”
Gypsy Girl


Arturo said...

Thanks so much. Also worth reading are April's and Robin's and Erin's and Matt's and Jeff's and Deborah's and Amy's and Sarah's... Sometimes it's quiet in the CRONie blogs, but the people writing them are a good source of support.

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Arturo, yes, the list is endless and they all are helpful.

alfia said...

Thank you, Gypsy Girl! Excellent links, so interesting and useful. I am gone to read them...

nairamsroads said...

Dear GG,

*Thank You* for this post. Right now, I'm looking for options and alternatives to learn more about wellness, health, proper nutrition. I've enjoyed tremendously learning about CRON (so much is new to me in this area), and these blogs are all fun and supportive :) (as Arturo says above).

Again, many thanks for the resources!!!!

Gypsy Girl said...

Hey Nairam, Glad you like the CRON links. They have all been very helpful to me and I am glad to post about them, so as to make their blogs available to others who find health and nutrition important.