Monday, July 16, 2007


Today is DAY ONE of my diet. I’ve had many DAY ONES on my diets, as well as other disciplines.
DAY ONE is always so promising, so full of determination, sureness, optimism and faith.
On DAY ONE you know to the core of your being…This is it!…This time I am going to do it!
Whether it be quit smoking, lose 10 pounds, make a daily routine of jogging, exercising or practicing yoga…We know we’ll do it!!!

Then reality sets in, life plays it’s games, we waver…just one chocolate…one puff…
Our discipline is weakened, our goal doesn’t look so sure…
We justify, we tell ourselves little things…We are only human….Who cares….What does it matter anyways….Just one bite won’t kill us….

Who is this person that lives inside my head? Who is this one that sabotages my goals…shoots me in the foot?
Doesn’t she know that I’m striving for perfection…better health….stronger will? Why would she want me to be fat?…less healthy?…less fit?….
Doesn’t she know that she is me…I am her…we are it?

What is this game we play with ourselves?
Where does the sure, determined person go to, when the weak one steps in?
Who takes the optimism away?
What happens to the faith I had on DAY ONE?
Well, today is DAY ONE of my diet. And I know this time I’ll do it….AGAIN!!!

Gypsy Girl


GeorgiaMom said...

Well, how did "day two" go? Dieting is hard, but it's worth the results! Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Georgia Mom

PS. I had to use my blogger account to leave you a post. I don't use that blog anymore, I use the

GypsyGirl said...

Thanks Georgiamom, today is day 2. It is going well. Thanks for posting. i will keep watching your blog for diet tips. Gypsy girl

shinyyoga said...

ohhh so how's it going now? Funny.. I'm on day one of a detox, so I hear your vibes!

It's always inspiring and exciting on the first day, fingers crossed for my day 2, and your update!