Sunday, February 24, 2008

North Shore Cosmetology/Aesthetician School

My granddaughter’s friend Christine is studying to be a Beautician at a local college.

The school offers services to the public at a fraction of the cost to help the students learn. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to practice on real people rather than just mannequin heads.

This week I went and had a facial complete with a paraffin treatment and eyebrow waxing for the grand total of $18. In my area one can expect to pay $80. to $100. or even more for the 3 treatments that I had. So at $18. it was quite a saving.

I had recently had a facial at a local spa and paid $60. My $10. facial at the beauty school was of equal if not higher quality.

Not only were the treatments very inexpensive, but they were performed in a “spa” setting. The room was tranquil and relaxing, complete with soothing music and soft lights. All the girls, from those that greeted us at the door to those who performed the services acted in a very professional manner making the whole experience pleasant and satisfying.

The school offers all the services you would expect in a beauty salon such as haircuts, perms, hair coloring, foil highlighting, pedicures, manicures, facials and waxing. All at pennies compared to current salon prices.

I’ve always known that cosmetology schools offered services, but never really thought about trying it before. Now I am hooked!

So, if you have a beautician school near you that offers these services, take advantage of it. You will not only be saving a substantial amount of money; you will also be helping these young girls learn their trade.

Gypsy Girl

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