Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why We Need to Detox

I just completed day one of a detox program that I do 2 or 3 times a year as a part of my health maintenance program.

Detoxification and fasting as a cleansing process is not a new way for the body to maintain a good healthy environment or to help an ailing body free itself from disease. In Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other health systems world wide, detox/fasting has been used successfully for centuries as a means for the body to heal itself.

We are assaulted on a daily basis with environmental pollution, toxins in our medicines, and poisoning of our foods, air and water.

Even if we stay clear of the typical “American” diet of junk food, soft drinks and empty calorie foods filled with sugar and white flour; our bodies are still being over burdened with toxins.

We are eating meat loaded with powerful synthetic hormones and chemicals and steroids that stimulate rapid growth. We eat genetically altered vegetables and fruits grown in depleted soil that is laced with pesticides and poisonous chemicals.

All of these dangerous toxins are passed on to our already overworked digestive system for processing. Little wonder that we are becoming a nation of obesity and the state of human health is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

We live in a polluted world; there is no doubt about it. And that is not likely to change for the better given the multi-billions of dollars to be made by the pharmaceutical companies and the manufacturing and food industries, where bottom line profit is more important than human health.

All of these factors make it even more important for us to take responsibility for our own health and wellness.

So, for myself and lots of other health conscious people it seems wise to take the time periodically to give our digestive system a rest and let our own body’s healing powers go to work and clear our bodies of the toxins we face on a day to day basis, allowing us to enjoy maximum wellness.

Stay Healthy
Gypsy Girl


gartenfische said...

You are right. It worries me that the people who really need to hear this---those who eat meat, soda, lots of sugar and refined carbs---are not getting the message.

Gypsy Girl said...

garten, My husband is a huge meat eater, who thinks Dr. Atkins should be beatified into Sainthood. I can't even get him to listen to the message. I think I added the part about the dangers of eating meat just for him to read!!
But I do have to say he is very health conscious in his eating habits in all other ways, almost to a fault...he is never tempted by junk food..if it contains sugar or white flour or is processed food he won't touch it.

Who knows....I never thought he would be practicing yoga but he has been faithful every day since WoYo.
I'll have to send a message to Yogamum and tell her that I've tried for years to get him to practice and she did it for me!!LOL

gartenfische said...

Yeah, you should send her a message! It'll make her feel good.