Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rejuvenate and Regenerate

I just completed the second day of my detox cleansing program.

There are as many different detox programs as there are types of people who would like to detox. Everyone has different lifestyle, different temperaments and different health issues, needs, and desires, as well as different reasons to want to detox. As I said in my last post I do it as a regular part of my health and wellness program.

There have been many good books written about detox/fasting for health maintenance. I read several before I started detoxing.

The book that I use for my detox program is 7-Day Detox Miracle by Peter Bennett, N.D. and Stephen Barrie, N.D.

Of all the books I have read on the subject, I found that the detox program in this book is perfect for me.

The book is thoroughly convincing as it examines the reasons why we need to detox, carefully outlining what toxins are and how the affect our bodies. It explains in easy to understand terms the cleaning, nourishing and resting process that takes place in our bodies and immune system during the 7 day program. It takes a holistic approach in that it incorporates the body, the mind and the spirit in the detox process.

The seven day plan is laid out in a simple and easy manner so that anyone can do it. And there are fun and enjoyable things that are part of the detox process that make the week fly by.

People seem to think that detox is a difficult thing to do, but I can say that I look forward to the whole process from planning and setting the date to shopping for supplements and foods to the actual 7 day detox.

And from the way I feel during the process and when I have completed my 7 days, the title of the book says it all.... it is truly a 7-Day Detox Miracle.

Stay Healthy
Gypsy Girl


Everyday Yogini said...

I would be curious to hear a little bit about what is eliminated during this detox, Gypsy! Sounds like a good plan...

Shellyfish said...

Greetings Gypsi Girl!
I have never done a *real* detox, but am considering one after my half-marathon at the end of April. Thanks for suggesting the book (as it seems to me that detoxing is not something to just jump into blindly)...but the big question is, do you need a juicer?

Gypsy Girl said...

yogini I will be posting more during the fast process, I hope your questions get answered.

shellyfish You do not need a juicer, but I highly recommend it. Raw veggies are a very good food, but during a fast the cellulose fiber is hard to break down and cooking the veggies too much robs all the nutrients. Jucing removes all the fiber and the nutrients go right to your bloodstream.

I sometimes to an all raw juice fast. It is very powerful and cleansing.

I often juice even when I am not detoxing, especially in the fall when our garden is chock full of organic veggies.

Shellyfish said...

I just wanted to check about the juicer before (potentially) buying the book which sounds good. I would *love* to own a juicer, it's been on my wish list for a long time, but they are so expensive, even more so here. I'm still hoping though...

Gypsy Girl said...

I have not used a juicer this time during the detox and am totally satisfied.
Just keep it on your list of good things to look into in the future when you can afford it.
Good luck on your half marathon!

Arturo said...

hi gipsy girl
thanks for the recommendation. i ordered a copy from the amazonia :) if it makes me stay away from flour and all sources of sugar for a week, it seems like a good thing. i saw you post comments on nenette's blog. isn't she lovely?
cheers, arturo

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi arturo
The book has been a life changer for me. I love it and have been detoxing twice a year for 7 years now.
Another great book is "The Tao of Detox" by Daniel Reid. He writes at length about CRON diet and Roy Walford and how calorie restriction has been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries as a means os staying healthy.

Yeah, I love Nennette's blog. I added her to my list of favorites along with a few other CR blogs I got from your blogroll. Thanks!!
I wish you peace, love and laughter

Arturo said...

thanks GG, i'll have to add the second book to my list. i don't know how difficult it would be to do a detox while working in an office, but i can try it, or at least gleam some important information from the book.
cheers, arturo