Monday, August 6, 2007

Bad Hair Day

I don’t have bad hair days…I just have plain old BAD HAIR. It’s baby fine, very thin, mousy and very uncooperative. There’s not much one can do with this kind of hair. I have almost always stuck to a bob which can look limp and plain. And it gets pretty boring after years of the same style. I search through hairstyle books to find something that will work, but did you ever notice that they always use models with great hair…thick and luscious….the kind I only dream of.

Lucky for me I have a niece that is a hairdresser. Not just any hairdresser. She is a miracle worker. I always try to limit her to the bob for fear that anything else will be a disaster, and she has always reluctantly complied to my wishes.

But this time when I had my hair appointment, she told me she had been looking at my hair and thought she wanted to do something a little different. So I let go of my fear and sat back and let her do the thing that she does so well.
She decided to deepen the color and put a few foils in front for highlights.

Then came the cut. She was training a new girl, so she explained and showed how to create a stacked cut in the back and just how to work it in to blend the line with the front.

I watched as she worked her magic and transformed my limp mousy hair into a trendy hairstyle. I love it and so does everyone else. They keep telling me I look 10 years younger.

So today I am very happy!! Not only because I have a trendy new cut, but also because I’ve had the privilege of watching my niece grow from a little girl chopping away at all her Barbie dolls hair into a beautiful career woman living her dream of having her own salon.

Gypsy Girl


Garten said...

Hurray for you! Amazing what new hair can do. It's lucky you have your niece who has a gift for that. (I figured out how to post a comment; unfortunately google thinks garten is my first name! Oh well.)

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

It is wonderful and INSPIRING to hear about dreams coming true. Thanks for sharing.

Gypsy Girl said...

Thanks Garten and you too Kris
I know I am suppose to be working on santosa (contentment), but darn it, bad hair is literally right there staring you in the face each day. So it feels good to have a new "do" and now I can concentrate on santosa much more readily ;)