Thursday, August 16, 2007

On the Road Again

Well it is time to put on my traveling shoes again.

My husband got a brochure from a cruise line in the mail a few days ago. There was a 12 day cruise to the Baltic Capitals that he thought looked interesting. And even though it would be very short notice; he thought we should look into it..…He should know better than to tempt me like that!!

I made a mad dash to the phone and spent several hours with travel agents and airlines to make arrangements and we are off!!! We leave Monday. I almost don’t have time to pack. I love being impulsive and spontaneous!! And thankfully I am able to do it.

I will miss my 2 daughters birthdays while I am away and I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow for my granddaughter.

So I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the next few days trying to buy birthday presents to give to my 2 daughters before I leave, go to my granddaughters birthday party and pack my bags. (And, packing for a cruise is a lot different than packing for just any vacation.) While doing all this I have to find some time to spend at the bookstore and on the computer learning about my ports of call and planning how I will spend my days in port.

So, before putting on my traveling shoes, I probably should find a pair of roller skates to get around faster and these things done.

Life is grand
Gypsy Girl


Garten said...

Hurray! Have a WONDERFUL trip!!!

Babs said...

You GO GYPSY Girl - Life is for savoring!