Monday, January 28, 2008

"The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men"

January has been a funny month with things expected taking a turn for the worse and things unexpected for the better.

We had planned on being in Mexico for the months of January and February. A vacation that had been planned nearly a year ago and has been the source of much anticipation and joy throughout the year. But, alas, life happens and “best laid plans” get turned upside down. Toward the end of the year some unexpected and unavoidable business problems started rearing their ugly heads and caused us to have to cancel our coveted plans.

My husband does not handle stress well. He is one of those unfortunate types that allows things to weigh heavy on his mind, while creating the worst case scenarios and causing himself much anxiety and many sleepless nights.

So when he came home and told me he wanted to take up yoga I almost fell over. You have to understand that I have had a daily yoga practice for years and have on several occasions tried to get him involved to no avail.

Lucky for me, I was anticipating WoYoPracMo and had planned on trying again to get him to practice with me. So for Christmas I had bought “The Joys of Partner Yoga” which I wrote about here. As it turned out the partner yoga only worked out for the first week or so. With the difference in our sizes and flexibility it was almost impossible to create a comfortable practice together, although it did create some playful and funny poses. He “graduated” to a Baron Baptiste Power Yoga DVD. And I am happy to say that he has been practicing every day with me. AND enjoying it immensely!!

It is amazing and gratifying to hear him talk about how good he feels, how calm and relaxed he is and how much he is enjoying yoga.

I came across this cute cartoon and I think it says it all. Almost 30 days of yoga and I think he is hooked.

Participating in World Yoga Practice Month has contributed greatly to creating tranquility and harmony for him during this chaotic and stressful month. I am hopeful that he enjoys it enough to keep up a regular, if not daily, practice.

Gypsy Girl


gartenfische said...

One of my yoga teachers said, when I first started going to her classes, "When one person starts doing yoga, usually the spouse ends up practicing, too." I thought, Yeah, right, but now P. IS practicing. He's been participating in WoYoPracMo.

Like your husband, he is very stressed. This is so good for him.

It's a beautiful thing. :)

StevenCX said...

I think it has to do with example. People see how much we benefit from and enjoy the practice, and they want the same thing!

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Garten
You don't know how happy I am that my husband is practicing and he has noticed his stress level has improved greatly. Maybe he will stay with the yoga :)

Steven You are right about example It seems to work especially with those that are interested in health and fitness. I guess they know a good thing when the see it.

rand(om) bites said...

I agree too! When someone see a good thing...

My partner has started practising yoga also and it's great :-)

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi rand(om) Let's hope that the "good thing" keeps our partners going. My husband is a runner, so he is feeling the much needed stretch in his hip flexors, and the improvement is his stress levels should keep him interested.

Yogamum said...

After I had been practicing a couple of years, my husband started practicing too. He said he saw how much calmer I was and decided that he wanted to feel that way too. He hasn't practiced much lately, but is working on getting back into the groove.

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Yogamum
Now that you have extended WoYoPracMo into February my husband is committed to stay with the program, so I am in hopes that it will turn into a good habit for him :)