Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Closed For The Season

"When a real, old fashioned winter gets going properly, there is no day without its snow. The northeasters and other big storms that give the New England winter its fame are the stars of the show….”

So begins the first few lines of the 2008 Old Farmers Almanac for the month of January.

This winter season started shaping up early in November and December with record cold weather and record snow falls and it’s turning out to be, just as the Almanac says, one of those famous New England winters.

My yoga space is in a 3 season room of nearly all glass. It is small and cozy, just big enough for one yoga mat, a few loved plants and a few comfortable chairs. When I take off my shoes and close the door behind me I enter into a tranquil, soothing space, with wonderful views of nature from all sides. A perfect spot for yoga and meditation.

But, alas the New England weather has forced me to close the room and move into another space.

It is an open floor plan with kitchen, dining room and living room all open to each other. I love the space…it’s perfect to accommodate my big family when we are all here together.

Buddha looks cozy and content in his new winter home in the corner of my living room surrounded a giant blooming Christmas cactus, some paper whites, and some other plants.

But somehow when I roll out my mat in the middle of this lovely open space; it doesn’t have the intimacy of my own private yoga space. I am so easily distracted during my daily practice. Even when there are no interruptions, I find it hard to focus. My eyes wander, my minds thinks of a hundred things that I should be doing.

But then a look over and see the serene, calm look on Buddha’s face, I relax into the asana, I find my focus and all is good.

Gypsy Girl

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Everyday Yogini said...

Your Yoga space sounds wonderful! I hope you find your focus in your winter space soon! I love the plants and the Buddha in the corner...