Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Health and Nutrition in Yoga Practice

“It’s important to remember the study of yoga is not about anything external to you. It’s about studying yourself and learning tools to reduce the undesirable things in your life, like back pain, and increase the positive things, like happiness. It’s about refining yourself at all levels.” Gary Kraftsow, founder of Viniyoga

I have recently discovered the Longevity Diet or CRON, Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition. I first read about it in Arturo’s blog. CRONyogitect. I followed a few links from Arturo’s blog and read a few books he recommended and found myself practicing a new even more refined way of healthy eating.

The basis of the Longevity Diet is that if you eat less you live longer. The key is to eat less, but to get the most nutrition from your food by eating the healthiest foods with the highest nutritional values.

The Calorie Restriction Society is based on the work of UCLA gerontologist researcher Roy Walford. There website is chock full of health and nutrition information. A great book that I read about CRON is The Longevity Diet by Lisa Walford and Brian Delaney

I think yoga plays a big part in practicing healthier eating habits. The first limb of ashtanga yoga is the Yamas. At least 3 of the Yamas apply to healthy eating.

Shaucha: Purity/Clarity-Purity of body, cleanliness, good health habits, a clear and orderly environment.”
Tapas: Austerity-The willingness to do what is necessary to reach a goal with discipline”
Swadhyaya: Self-Education, Study- the practice of self-observation.”

It takes a lot of self study-Swadhyaya to watch your eating habits. It’s not always easy to weed out junk foods from our diets. They almost always come disguised in such delicious forms, don‘t they. You must be mindful all the time and have the discipline-Tapas and desire to become more fit by consciously cultivating good nutritional eating habits-Shaucha.

I am enjoying the benefits of a healthier life style and I probably would have come across CRON sooner or later, as I have always practiced a very healthy nutritious way of eating and I read everything I can get my hands on about health and nutrition. But I am very grateful to Arturo for all his help and for his well written and informative blog about ashtanga yoga and about CRON. Keep up the good work Arturo!!

Gypsy Girl


Arturo said...

Hi G.G.
That is a fabulous post. Thanks. Uhm, I just realized I need to add you to the list of fellow yogis in my blog.

Gypsy Girl said...

Arturo, Thanks. I am grateful to you for all the good stuff you put in your blog and I hope those who read mine will find you and enjoy the benefits of it also. said...

Welcome to CRON! Arturo mentioned you in a comment he left on a fellow-CRONista's blog, and I just wanted to say hi.

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Nenette, Thanks for stopping by. I will be checking out a lot of CRON blogs, looking for more info. Arturo is a great source for both CRON and yoga.