Monday, March 17, 2008

Celebration In The Air

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week and it was celebrated in San Miguel de Allende by thousands of faithful and tourists. It was a day of excitement, as people crowded the streets in remembrance of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem.

Vendors, mostly indigenous women, arrived early in front of the churches to weave and sell palm fronds woven into all manner of religious symbols. We stopped at each one and found it difficult to choose, so we bought several to carry home as souvenirs of this glorious day. Ann is holding just a few of our purchases.

We enjoyed the two joyful processions. The first, with a young man, representing Jesus in rough tunic and sandals and “a beard grown especially for the event” rode a donkey down through the streets and into the church of San Francisco. He was followed by 12 apostles and hundreds of followers shouting “Viva Cristo Rey” (Christ the King lives). The church bells clamorously pealed as Christ and his followers filed into church for mass.

In another touching procession at the Parroquia, Christ is a statue on a donkey, carried on shoulders through the streets and into the church for a mass. This procession was followed by nearly a thousand faithful, dressed in costume or there best clothes, waving palm fronds; while another thousand or so tourists and locals gathered in the streets and parks to enjoy the procession, amid the sound of trumpets, drums, and pealing church bells.

The streets and parks of San Miguel de Allende were filled with people. They celebrated in churches and in the streets with food, music and fireworks, from early morning until late into the night.

We are thoroughly enjoying being caught up in the the excitement of the way Mexicans celebrate this religious holiday week.

I wish you peace, love and laughter

Gypsy Girl


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,
I never realized how religous Mexico is. I'm sure it is a wonderful culture experience. Hope you are all having a wonderful time. I'm starting to miss you mom and dad . You too-
Auntie Rita and Uncle Ronnie. Auntie Rita, nice job on your blog. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Keep the pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

Hola Family, I am so impressed by the spirit in Mexico. They are such a humble people who really appreciate and celebrate each day and every event for what it is. The old, the young, the colors , the sacrifice and the love. Incredible!!! I wish I could have been there for Holy week. Realize how fortunate I am to get a mere glimpse of it through your blog. Thanks MOM!!!! Love Heidi