Friday, March 14, 2008

A Healthy Day In San Miguel de Allende

I love traveling with my husband's brother, George and our sister-in-law, Ann. They are easy going, fun to be with, and always willing to try something new. Ann and I are early risers and we like to take long walks in the morning together. We stopped at the huge mercado (market) at the bottom of our street on the way home from our walk yesterday. As you can see there are lots of healthy food options, so you can still eat healthy on vacation. Ann and I both love to cook, so although we do eat out occasionally while traveling, we prefer to cook a good meal at home.

Ann and I always practice yoga before or after our walks, but this is a first for George. Since hubby has been practicing daily since January, we told George that he at least had to try it. We practiced with him 2 times so far.
He is being a good sport about it. George has a great sense of humor sometimes and we got a good dose of "laughter yoga" listening to his groans and comments about yoga.
But so far he rolls out the mat and does what he can.
His favorite pose is corpse (laying flat on the floor).

In the afternoon we went to one of the hot spring spas that are just outside of San Miguel de Allende and enjoyed the 3 hot mineral water pools. Each pool gets progressively hotter and then you travel through a long tunnel into a cave pool that is the hottest and it's pretty steamy as you can see from the photos.
The mineral pools are very therauputic and relaxing.
It was a perfect day.
Gypsy Girl


Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,
Great Blog! The pictures of the Hot Springs have inspired me to go get my passport so Heidi and I can come down to visit. You will have to teach us Yoga while we are there. Ellen

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,

I love all the pictures you've posted. I especially enjoy the brightly colored market. Mexico. Thats what I think when I see those colors. I can't wait to enjoy those hot springs. The day is coming when I venture down to Mexico and become a yogi. LOL Heidi

Arturo said...

hi GG
how nice to be visiting San Miguel de Allende. it's on my list. i think i may have heard of those hot springs. they're natural, and someone comes in and opens a spiggot to the water come out of the ground right into the pool, if it's the one that was described to me by someone who experienced them.
nice to see the guys in your family are doing yoga!
cheers, arturo

Babs said...

Well my dear, if the mercado is at the bottom of the street from where you are staying then you are in my "hood". I'm at the top of Cuesta de San Jose right before it goes in Balcones! What street are you on?
For crying out loud we're probably passing each other on the street!

Gypsy Girl said...

Hey Ellen and Heidi I am waiting for you. So grab your bags and come on down!!!

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Arturo
There are several hot spring spas all within a few miles of each other. We plan on trying them all LOL!! Yes it is naturally hot water that they pump into the pools. It is wonderful!! GG

Gypsy Girl said...

babs We are on Montatlan Where are you? I guess we are neighbors. How is your daughter enjoying her first trip to Mexico and her new niece Matilda Isabella?

Gypsy Girl said...

arturo, Yeah it is great that the guys are practicing. Didn't my brother-in-law do a good job on tree pose. It was his first time!! I think he was proud of himself and it keeps him coming back to the mat.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
Looks like your having yourselves a great time. Dad I'm proud of you for becoming a yoga guy. Enjoy the sunny weather, it's going to be another day of chilly drizzle tommorrow. Keep those pictures and stories coming , aunite Rita. love, Amelia

Anonymous said...


i cant wait to come down (:

im so exciteddd!
its so pretty!

love you! maggie

Beth said...

Hello Rita ,
Great blog, I am enjoying reading and learning all about Mexico. Glad to see George is enjoying yoga!!! Keep the pictures coming. Cold windy day here today and next week looks chilly also. Wish I was there in the hot springs.


Anonymous said...

Here it is 2:00pm and I am still in my pj's reading your blog. Very interesting. When yiu get home I want to talk to you about the detox. I have done a few but I don't believe they were as intense as yours. Your nephew thought I was crazy!!! I can't wait to hear all about Mexico from Ann & George.

Happy Easter