Monday, April 21, 2008

Eating His Way through Mexico

One of the biggest parts of any vacation for Ron is the food. He loves to eat, but not in regular tourist restaurants. We both prefer to be the only ones in the place from north of the border.

So when visiting the Lake Pátzcuaro area, it was delightful to pull into the town of Quiroga and find ourselves in a huge area of food stalls on the street in front of a beautiful plaza.

The fun part is strolling around the stalls, getting samples of the delicious offerings and then finally choosing what you want to eat.

Ron sometimes has a hard time deciding, so we end up eating more than once. We have learned to get small portions or just one order to split between us. Once you find what you want, you just find a spot amongst the locals and wait for your food to come.
Our second stop was at a seafood place. We each got a shrimp cocktail, but not anything like a shrimp cocktail back home. This was loaded with chopped onion, tomatoes, hot chile peppers, cilantro and a spicy cocktail sauce. YUMMY!!!

Beautiful plazas are bountiful in Mexico. No matter how small or large the town is, there is always a central plaza, which is always the center of activity. So, after lunch we spent sometime in the plaza in Quiroga enjoying an ice cream and just watching the Mexicans enjoy the slow simple pace of life as only the Mexicans can.

It is a shame that most Americans only know Mexico by its border towns, or the big concrete resorts like Cancun, where the only Mexicans they meet are the ones cleaning their rooms or cooking their food.

But there is another type of American that finds the real Mexico and the beauty of the Mexican people and their laid back culture. And it is not hard to see why so many from north of the border find themselves falling in love with Mexico and coming back time and time again and why some end up moving here.

May all your travels be happy ones

Gypsy Girl


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Anonymous said...

Gypsy Girl, I haven't had long enough time to sit down and reply to your last three post but I have read them. I am finding Mexico to be very interesting. I hope Maggie is enojoying every moment of it.


Babs said...

GREAT blog!

Gypsy Girl said...

Hey Beth, glad to hear from you again. Maggie has her own blog ..check it out

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi babs Loving Mexico more every day!!!