Wednesday, April 9, 2008

El Jardín - The Heart of San Miguel de Allende

El Jardín, (the garden), is not only the central plaza in San Miguel de Allende, it is the heart of the city and the center of life. It is lined on all sides with groomed Indian Laurel trees and has a gazebo in the middle.Enjoyed by locals and tourist alike, there is always something going on in this lively plaza day and night.

It is not unusual to see entire Mexican families, several generations of them, sitting in the park, chatting, relaxing, just enjoying the day.

It's a great place to get a shoe shine. One of Ronnie's favorite things to do, and he gets a free Spanish lesson at the same time.

It is also his favorite place to solve all the worlds political problems, while getting another free Spanish lesson.

Sometimes it is just a great place to just take a little siesta.

In the evenings it is always a fun place to sit and enjoy the Mariachis play.

Every day no matter where my travels take me, I always end up visiting El Jardín at some point in the day and more often than not I am there in the evening as well.

I wish you peace, love and laughter

Gypsy Girl


Anonymous said...

El Jardin looks very nice. The temperature is warm there isn't it? Ann looks like she is dressed to warm!!! I take it that Uncle Ronnie doesn't speak spanish that well if he is getting a lesson while having his shoes shined. Your last post it was me that wrote about how I never knew that the Mexicans were very Religous people. I am learning alot about Mexico. I have to get Michael to sit down sometime and read your blog. I will be waiting for the next post.


Gypsy Girl said...

Thanks Beth, Glad you are enjoying reading about Mexico. Most people think of Mexico as the resorts like Cancun or the bordertowns with all their poverty. But the colonial cities are really is so beautiful. And the people are just wonderful

Babs said...

Aah, Gypsy Girl, the jardine was my "point of escape" for so many years during my daughter's illness and while I was spending years at MDAnderson with her, I could, in my mind's eye, envision the jardine and peace would come to me. I'm SO glad you're enjoying it. By the way, I'm there every Friday from about 11:30 til 12:30 in front of the parroquia. CU!

Gypsy Girl said...

Hey babs It really is a peaceful place. i am glad it brought you some comfort during such a sad time of your life.
Love your new photo!!
Maybe I'll see you in El Jardín