Monday, April 7, 2008

Mexican Neighborhood Festival - Not A Gringo In Sight

I am finding out that the Mexicans love to celebrate. And this Sunday was no acception. La Capilla de San Jose (Chapel of St Joseph) is in the neighborhood where I am staying. There was a celebration in honor of St. Joseph (the earth step-father and guardian of Jesus).

The celebrations started before 5AM. I was jolted out of bed by loud booming fireworks that lasted for a solid hour. It is not unusual to hear fireworks at all hours of the night rumbling like thunder here in San Miguel de Allende. But when it is right next to your house, and echoing off the walls of the nearby canyon, it can be a bit unnerving that early in the morning. There was no going back to soon as the fireworks ended a brass band started playing....mind you it is still pitch black out.

The streets and homes were decorated, from the simple and humble to the elaborate.

Everyone in the neighborhood started gathering early to watch the festivities and wait for the parade.

A brass band played while waiting to march in the parade. You can see by the way the band is dressed that this is a very informal neighborhood celebration.

The children always are a big part of any Mexican celebration. These little girls were so beautiful and by the looks on their faces, they take their parts very seriously.

There are always Indians in any Mexican celebration and these boys were happy to strike a pose for a photo.

After the parade there was celebrating in the streets, and in the church yard with plenty of food, music and dancing. In the evening there was a magnificent firework display which I could watch from my balcony. The partying continued well past midnight.

Another great day in Mexico

Gypsy Girl


Babs said...

Well, remember I TOLD you that you would know when the celebration was beginning!!! Ha.......glad you enjoyed it! You had a perfect place to be to see it all.......

Gypsy Girl said...

Yes It was quite a fun experience. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Anonymous said...

This seemed to be a big celebration. I wouldn't oh liked to be woken by fireworks going off so early in the morning!! I have learned that the Mexicans are very religious people.I am really enjoying reading your blog.I check it daily!!! You must be very lonely without Uncle Ronnie being there.

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi anon
The Mexican culture is very colorful, alive and spiritual. It is lovely to experience such warmth and sincerity. Everything is based on the family, on togetherness and tradition. It shows how ego based our American culture or should I say "cultureless" society really is.
Lucky for us that our family has lots of colorful aliveness and togetherness.