Monday, April 14, 2008

Road Trip

Ronnie is not one to sit still, so now that he is back we are on the road. Today we drove to Bernal, to see the world's second largest monolith. A monolith is a outcropping of a single huge rock.
Read more about monoliths here

They say the town of Bernal can be quite busy on the weekends when climbers come from all over to climb this great stone.

The town of Bernal was a pleasant surprise. It was very quiet, we only saw one other couple walking around, other than the locals. Most of the shops were open and we poked around, had a bite to eat and just enjoyed walking the streets.
Even little Mexican towns like Bernal have beautiful central plazas and always a stunning church.

No matter where you go in town the giant monolith is looming in the background.

We also visited Tequisquiapan, which turned out to be a delight, with its expansive central plaza flanked by a massive church and a pretty garden in the center. The huge artesan and straw market was fun to explore.

Another fun day in Mexico, and we returned home just in time for what is turning out to be a nightly ritual and my favorite part of our day...enjoying another gorgeous sunset.

May all your days be filled with happiness

Gypsy Girl


Anonymous said...

Hello I just read up on the Monolith very interesting. Charlie and Peter would love to climb that seeing they are into rock climbing. The pink clouds behind it in the picture are so pretty. What kind of items can you buy at the straw market? Well the weather here is getting very nice and the grass is getting greener. I only wish we could view the sunsets that you are every night. Have fun!!


Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Beth, The market was expansive, at least a ciy block. You can buy baskets, hats, placemats and anything you can think of made of straw or woven good. Plus anything else you can imagine from food to ceramics to jewelry, clothing and more. It is a fun place for exploring. Wish we had more time, but it was getting late and we wanted to be home before dark. Couldn't miss the sunset LOL
Another road trip tomorrrow for 3 days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gypsy Girl, Wow!!! What a fabulous picture of the Monolith. The clouds are beautiful. I love seeing the wonderful colors that seem to be in abundance there. The straw market sounds interesting. Have you purchased a big sombrero yet? Seems the best way to keep the hot sun at bay. Only you'll have to wear it home to avoid damage. Glad to hear that Dad has you out sight seeing again. Enjoy every minute. Amore Hija

Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Hija , Is it Sue? or Heidi?
We are having a grand time. Can't wait till Maggie gets here. We have a full schedule packed with things to do with her.
i was hoping to rest up this week, but Dad keeps wanting to drive somewhere.

Babs said...

Glad you got to see Bernal and Tequisquiapan....did you get to the Flexinet winery???? Did you buy opals in Tequisquiapan?