Saturday, April 5, 2008

Secret Gardens, Hidden Spaces

We thought it was quiet here after Ron's brother and our sister-in-law went home. And now that Ron has gone home and I am here alone it is really quiet. But I am enjoying the stillness of the house. I get up much earlier and get my yoga practice in early, and I have finally made time to meditate every day after yoga practice.

I love to walk and explore and San Miguel de Allende is a perfect place to meander through the streets aimlessly and discover some hidden treasures.

I have taken the opportunity to poke my head into some of the beautiful gardens and courtyards that are just over flowing with gorgeous trees and blooms.

This first place led me to a nice little cafe, a beautiful covered porch sitting area and a second hand book store full of books in English.

It also has a stairway to nowhere that has been transformed nicely into a garden.

Then my travels took me into a house that is for sale for $2 million US, I was invited to tour the house, but the garden was so magnificent that I chose to sit there and enjoy it.

How would you like to wake up to this garden every day?

I had been walking for several hours, stopping in shops and poking my nose into gardens and found my way to yet another beautiful garden at the Fine Arts School.
I had a cold drink and a bite to eat at the little cafe in the garden, struck up a conversation with 2 women from Toronto. They are artists here with a group, painting up a storm.
San Miguel de Allende is quite an artist community and it is common to see artists set up all over town painting, sketching, just loving the crystal clear air and wonderful light that San Miguel de Allende is known for.
It is easy to see why it is an artist's paradise with all the gorgeous scenery, colorful flowers and gardens, beautiful antique buildings, and the wonderful domes and steeples of the numerous churches. An artist would never run out of wonderful images to work with.

After five hours of walking around, I headed home and this last photo is of the garden that is next door to my house. My balcony overlooks this lovely space, so I get to enjoy it every day.

I can certainly see why so many ex-pats and tourists alike are drawn to this beautiful colonial town high in the central mountains of Mexico.

I look forward to finding new hidden treasures each day.

I wish you peace, love and laughter
Gypsy Girl


Anonymous said...

Hi Rita I can't get over how gorgeous the gardens are. I would love to wake up each morning and see such beautiful scenery. The house that is for sale for 2 million US how much is that in Mexican? It is another cool breezy day here today. I will be waiting for the next post and pictures!!!


Gypsy Girl said...

Hi Beth, That would be 20 million pesos.
Maybe you and Mike could come down next year.