Saturday, September 22, 2007

Apple Pciking Time

In New England, we are very lucky to have such a beautiful fall season when colors turn vibrant, the sky is bright blue, the air is cool and crisp, and the harvest is abundant.

For my family, our annual apple picking day is a very special event that marks the beginning of this beautiful season.

We are fortunate to have Cider Hill Farm close by(in a neighboring town). Our first stop is to make a visit to the huge barn full of delightful things to buy from fresh fruits and vegetables to homemade jams and jellies, fresh bread and pies and our favorite….hot off the press…fresh cider donuts.
The kids love to watch them roll off the press into the cinnamon sugar.

We buy them hot and steamy by the bagful. An irresistible treat for both kids and adults.

Then we are off for our walk through the orchards. Picking apples of so many different varieties, it’s hard to count them all. We sample them all as we move along up the hill to our favorite picnic spot, in the shade, right next to the peach orchards.
On the way back the kids usually opt to take the hayride down to the barn while the adults walk.

The farm also has a play are for the kids along with animal pens with chickens, goats and sheep that keeps the kids entertained.

Each year it is different. Our group can be more than 20 family members and friends or sometimes like today just a handful. But no matter how many or how few of us are there it is always a delightful, satisfying day.
May all your days be so beautiful
Gypsy girl


Babs said...

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I wish I got to go apple picking with you guys! But it looks like my mother and sisters didn't go anyway. Mia's hair is getting so long and dark!

Hope you guys had fun applepicking!