Friday, September 14, 2007

New Arrival

Meet Helene. She is the newest member of our extended family. She was born August 22 to our friends Janna and Sven in a small village in central Germany.

It just so happened I was in Germany at the time, planning to meet with her grandparents while in port on my Baltic Capital Cruise. But Helene had her own agenda and our dear friends Harald and Gudrun were gifted with a much more satisfying meeting….their first precious grandchild.

We became friends with the Rohde family when their other daughter Grit was Au Pair to our twin granddaughters. We’ve enjoyed several years of vacations and many happy times together.

The twins, now 11 years old, wanted to do something special for the new arrival so we started months ago, making this baby afghan.

It’s a great project for children or beginning knitters/crocheters. It is so much easier for them to finish small squares than one large blanket. And the kids like the competition of seeing who finishes their square first, which helps the project move along.

So as a joint effort the twins (with a little help from their Mom) knitted all the colorful squares, then I crocheted them together and added a lacey border and it's ready to send to our new friend.

Gyspy Girl

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