Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meditation and Mindfulness for Well Being

I just read a wonderful article about meditation and mindfulness in the Huffington Post that is worth a read. The article pointed out many health benefits from practicing meditation and mindfulness that I was not aware of, along with some benefits that I have already experienced.

I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness as part of my daily yoga practice for quite some time.

After sitting and meditating for just 20 minutes after my regular yoga practice, I find myself enjoying an inner calmness and sense of well being. And the feeling lasts throughout the day.

I also practice mindfulness or present moment awareness throughout the day(as often as I can remember to do so). It can be an instant de-stresser in even the most tense moments.

But more than that, when I stay in the present moment I enjoy life NOW at it’s fullest. I see things that normally will pass me by unnoticed when I am going at a hurried pace or worrying about something in the past or future which I have no control over.

Meditation and mindfulness are the part of my inner journey whose rewards bring a joyful presence to every moment of my day.

Gypsy girl

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Garten said...

Yes, yes, this is beautiful!

I think this is what it means to be a mystic.

Let's be present for our lives!